The ✨effect✨ of men to me

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I'm literally scared of men, but i kinda just wanna punch them and cut their d!cks so they won't have to have sex with any women anymore, but even if i did, they still would find ways to still rape women because that's how much f!cked up they are.

The reason why i started writing this is, the effect of men had to me was now passed in every men that i know ( mostly older ), to the kpop boys that i love the most to my father that I know growing up. Everytime he tries talking to me i always feels uncomfortable, everytime he comes up to me i always feels wrong, everytime he playfully fight with my sister i would always over think things. Even though i don't even feel this before ( he's been with us since i was 3 ) . I've been losing interest on kpop now, because the groups that i stan are only boy groups and so everytime i log in on twitter i always avoid them, even unfollowed the topic "Kpop". I suddenly hate them.

I don't know. I always feel like i shouldn't be trusting men, even if it is a relative, or a friend ; anything can happen. I always had been protecting my sisters whenever there's men around us ; i always cover their legs ( because they mostly wear shorts or maong while i wear long shorts or pajamas and jeans ). I also send them signals, especially my middle sister, that they should protect themselves. I did all of this when i turned 9, that's when i finally saw all the things that i should know earlier. I always look around with my eyes, finding if any men were to look at us, luckily i didn't found any, but if there were, i know i had to stepped up in my game, don't care about my stupid anxiety. I just want to talk and cut their dicks, that's it, sorry not sorry. If i'm gonna go to jail anytime i do that, i don't care and i'm gonna do it again💖

Ps. But please, protect yourselves everytime, you don't know what will happen if you won't. Make sure to have tazers or just be somehow have any protection to use against someone who would harass you. Anyone can be in danger right now, so please take care of yourselves.

Pps. I also never trusted my uncles, and guy cousins, i never will. If you trust them, then they would somehow know that you trust them ; that you won't think of them doing anything to you, that they are your bestfriends. But this doesn't apply to all, all i'm saying is be careful for who you trust. 💖

Pppsss. Top one reason why i have trust issues growing up. Turned gay after ; it's better like that because i kno the gays and the girls got me.

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