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The Elites

The elites might be able to kick the debt can down the road for another 30 more years, but the US should look pretty grim by 2034 when Social Security goes bankrupt.

The globalists say that the economy is booming, but why is homelessness growing?

Do you really think that a record stock market and record debt are just a coincidence?

The ruling class do not want a war, the elites want multiple wars that never end.

The 1% do not just want debt, the ruling powers want a huge national debt.

The elites do not want a little tyranny, the ruling class wants total tyranny.

Nothing will change because Americans are too immoral, degraded, divided, and depraved to resist.

How many Americans would have thought that the Confederate dollar would be worthless in 1865?

How many people in 1931 would have thought that Germany would be reduced to rubble in 14 years?

Americans don't seem to realize that history repeats.

When the US stock market crashes, the government will print more money and will try to aim for negative interest rates. The world market will respond by refusing to buy risky US debt without higher interest rates.

The US government might default on US debt.

Banks will close, the FDIC will not be able to cover bank losses, your ATM card will not work, there will be inflation and wage deflation, companies will close, layoffs will soar, homelessness will rise, the government will raise taxes, there will be bail-ins, cash might be banned, gold might be outlawed, and capital controls.

There will be riots.

Cities will become no go zones.

Instead of opening economic free trade zones, the government might worsen the collapsing economy by nationalizing businesses.

The US government will try to recruit soldiers by raising salaries and accepting ex-cons and illegal aliens. The US government might call on UN troops to restore order.

Concentration camps, gulags, and killing fields will be opened.

US states will try to secede.

A civil war will break out.

The US government will try to distract Americans by starting WWIII with China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

What will you do when there is no water, electricity, or Internet?

Every society reaches a breaking point.

The US is finished. Americans need to forget their lives and plans and become obsessive about defending freedom now.

How could you say evil is not coming if the elites are promoting child sex, blood-drinking, eating bugs, abortion, suicide, homosexuality, and cannibalism while installing demon statues?

Wake up.

Patriots can either stay and buy guns, gold, and food or leave for somewhere safer like Chile or New Zealand.