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the fuck were you made of

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you know that one person who is the human embodiment of literal personalized crack?? yeaah H was that to me, why do i fuckin miss you. you said slurs and some really racist stuff about half of my nationality and joked it off. ive known you for like 2 weeks or something, why the fuck. we hung out twice, once every week. second time we hung out we talked about kissing and consent and you even said consent isnt needed? that its a turn off?? you were fucking asexual why does that even matter what the fuck. and i tried to kiss u but u joked around then grabbed my face and kissed me. why did you kiss me. because fuck i wont stop thinking of you still?? it has been 9 months and i still think of you. after we kissed i was so excited to see you again and you forgot. you forgot we were supposed to meet. but u didnt forget did you?? no you were just done w me. a couple days later you unfriended me on snap and when i asked you lied. why the fuck did you lie you dick. you couldve just told me dumbass. and then you said u cant? cant what? we both said we wouldnt wwanna date anyone so why did you just. fuckin. leave. i miss you but jesus i hate myself because u were just a bad person. that is it. a bad person. accept it or not. its ur birthday soon, happy birthday fuckin dick