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The guilt of my life pls forgive me

When I was younger like 6 I tried to have sex with a cat and using a plastic bag to put in my penis but I have something to say to where I learn sex wEllen when I was still a toddler like 3 my mom would give me porn and I don't really know what was going on so I started doing it on a cat and when I was 11 I have a 1 month puppy i tried or force her to suck my penis i don't know what I did that it because of lust and back to 2nd grade I don't know waht age I was when I did this i sacked my dad's penis and my mom and dad know about it and tried to stick his penis in my butt and when I was younger like 5 or 6 I have a guy who was a little older than me like 2 years older than me we would go upstairs and I wondered suck his penis well it was kinda my fault but he agreed soo I started sucking his penis but a few weeks he left and now that's all the guilt of my lifears pls to send me hate accept the 11 year old one it was my fAult lust took over me and I hate myself for it pls tell me what your thinking to my story this is my life story ano I hate my parents for waht they did to me if they just did not do that I would have not be guilty of anything that happened and I'm really scared of telling my 3 sisters about it bc they would be disgusted and hate me bc they will say you should have known better I hope some of you guys reply to me and comfort me because this guilt is unbearable bc I committed beastiality incest and gayou in a early age

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Re: The guilt of my life pls forgive me

What happened to you and what you did is all connected. You are only culpable to a certain extent due to your own childhood trauma. My best friend was exposed and abused sexualy at an early age. Because of this see also seemed out sex at a very young age. I would encourage you to find a licenced professional and work out what happened to you/ what you did. As long as you are not currently a danger to yourself or others they will hold doctor patient confidentiality. AFTER you seek out that help, if you still feel like you need to tell your sisters inorder to heal, do it. But you mind is being tormented by your trauma. I have seen that play out in my best friend and I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. Please find solace in the fact that you are not alone. Please seek professional help.