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The guy I like, likes my bestfriend

So a months ago the guy I like for how many years that also my friend told us that hes planning to court someone and first we dont have any idea who's hes talking about but then this past few weeks some of us started to notice that who hes referring and my suspicious together with our friend is my bestfriend. When I realise that I told to myself that it's fine, it's okay that's nothing new I'll be fine I wont get hurt I'm used to it its not the first time that he court someone so I can handle it. But then yesterday he started to be bold about it, his starting to show that he likes my friend. At first I thought I'll be fine it's okay but oh hey that shit feels so hurt that I didn't notice I'm already crying... the guy that I like... he knew that I like him, my friend knows, everyone knows that I like him... so it's a bigger slap that he going to court my friend.... but oh well I cant blame him I know I have no single right... you cant force someone to like you... but it doesn't mean that I'm okay that I dont feel the pain. But I think that's my last straw and I hope so... that I should stop, told to myself oh for how many times.. "he doesn't see your worth, he dont have any bit respect to what you feel.."so I promise to myself that when the right guy came who loves me,respect me,and a honest person idc if that person dont have anything I will love him dearly I'm going to respect him,love him, treat him like a king.

I promise that.