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The house next door

So we moved into a new house not too long ago and its creepier then any house weve been to by far. My parents bought it because it came really cheap and getting here its not hard to wonder why. I mean its a pretty big place.. 8 bedrooms 5 bathrooms, huge kitchen .. all newly refurbished but thats where it stops. Everything else looks old and broken down... like someone gave a fuck about the house and then suddenly...didnt. My parents are hell bent on fixing it though and have already been renovating the two livingrooms and the dining room. My mother even called people to measure out an area for a pool even tho its the beginning of August. Sounds like things are coming together right? Well lately for the last four nights I’ve been hearing footsteps peter pattering through the hallway when everyone else had long retired to bed. Of course I’ma complete pussy so i never got out the bed to check but i couldn’t think of whose step was that light and i have no siblings. So last night i decided to get up and look finally. The hallway was as cold as winter dick and there was no one in the hallway. I ended up downstairs in the refrigerator having passed the noise up to bring in my imagination. As i was heading upstairs with my loot though i heard a door down the opposite end of the hall open. I went toward it of course.. because what story doesn’t need an idiot🤦🏿‍♀️ I went to the door and peeked inside. At first i saw nothing but darkness.. and then i saw something moved in the shadows. I couldn't see anything well but it was enough to send me running.. except i threw myself forward to fat and hit the wall. I passed out and Woke up the next morning.. sore and bruised.. probably from my fall. Oh hold on guys i hear the footsteps again. Ill be back