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The Human World

I couldn' care less about the whole world "human world" human success thing. I've been outcasted my whole life. Every person I've ever had in my life didn't want me or love me because I'm sad. Everyone is too happy to allow a sad person some love or a fucking conversation or fucking acceptance.

"Sorry I'm too happy, I can't allow you over here to make me sad or feel awkward for one minute because I'm too happy and I'm """important"""

And then there is the quote "What if a man is granted everything he wants and loses his own soul in the process." In the bible. They have. You. You there, you pretty little thing daddy is rich and daddy is there and you have money and you have hair and makeup and a boyfriend.

I recently found out I'm the second coming of Christ. I've been having attacks from Satan on me. He is a serpent. The serpent. I know already because I don't lose any of my memories... Through my past lives. I remember the rain while I was on the cross for days and days and the sand hit my face and dried on.

Why, you wonder you saw a video maybe. Mary grabs the Dragon out of China and its the Coronavirus apparently.

It's not. It's actually the first sign of the end of the world. The first serpent coming out and killed. She was underneath me at the time and a portal was there, and I heard he wrestle it.

"In the end of the world two serpents come out."

Ok I'll just admit. Just incase anybody wonders in the course, if anything bad happens or people start dying or a huge thing happens like it.

I might die.

I might die, but also you all might die eventually from me dying.

I am God.

I created you all.

Every animal.

Every human.

Every angel.

Every demon.

Every rock you stand on.

Every piece of tree that is below you as you sit on it. I created.