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The impossible choice

Wife or mother... If you had to.. Whom would you choose?

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Re: The impossible choice

Contest is simple... Answer is not.. You love.. You marry.. Girl loves you.. You love the girl... Girl hates mother... Mother hates girl.. You love mother..

Now.. What the bloody hell do you choose..

Seems like an average Joe story... But every story has something beyond average...

The mind fuck is too much to take...

Can't give in.. Can't escape... You are no superhero... You wish for a cape...

What to do of this... How to live... All people do is take... All you do is give..

well, whats the context of this? if you had to choose between being a wife and the mother of a child, i personally would choose the child although it would be difficult having to choose between your family members. but, it depends on your situation