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The knight with no name

As a little boy I fought for other kids. It nearly got me killed a couple times. But I fought anyways. Sometimes I’d shake from the hunger & pain. Sometimes my blood littered the room. But I’d Stand & fight again.

I’ll never yield. Perhaps I can be killed. I will die. But I kneel only to God above. My God is a loving God. He sent Jesus to show me the way. The way is Love. I am a knight in the service of God. I fight for Him. If I fall, there is always another to pick up my sword.

I fight for gay children. For disabled children. For other brave children who fight to protect the weak just like me. For children who fell & are already in Heaven. For rich children. For poor children. Black children. White children. Asian children. Red children like me. Muslim Children. Children with no faith. Children so old they are in wheel chairs. For all are Gods Children.

I do not stand alone. There is a quiet army all around this entire world who fight by my side. For we all fight to make this a better world.