The Last Questions in Yahoo Answers History posted after midnight when for a few minutes the site didn't shut down

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Shortly after the site shut down. These were the final 10 questions on the site.

  1. What if on Christmas I cannot use Yahoo Answers and I go insane and am institutionalized?
  2. I am new to Yahoo Answers. How does this site work, I just joined?
  3. My sister sucks. Just wanted all of you to know 1 last time?
  4. This must be what QAnon felt like on 1/20 when Biden got inaugurated instead of arrested? (in reference to the site still being up)?
  5. Is Joe Biden or Donald Trump responsible for the end of Yahoo Answers?
  6. How do I get my step-mother to stop speaking to me about her LGBTQ?
  7. How safe is it to travel right now during the Pandemic?
  8. Is the Covid-19 Vaccine safe?
  9. Was the Swine Flu or the Covid-19 Pandemic worse?
  10. Is Pearl L. the top Yahoo Answers user of all time?