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The lost Kid!


I'm about to turn 19 years old within 2 months and I'm having a lot of personal issues I once shared it to a close friend of mine who instead of understanding me belittled me even more.

I used to live in a joint family but 12 years back we shifted to a new house but everything is same. My dad worships his elder brother like a god who just uses my father and my mom doesn't like these things about my father. My mother has been tortured alot in her marriage and now she abused everyone me my sister, brother and father and thinks ill of everyone. I don't like my dad too because he is a liar and a manipulator who always belittles me and my family in front of his elder brothers family. I don't like his family at all. My mom's family is abusive and so is my mom and I'm very stressed. I've become very arrogant. I shout alot I get angry very easily. I start crying whenever I feel low. I'm not good at studies. My father doesn't let us fulfill our wishes but spends all the money on his brother and his family. I'm very tired. I'm not good at anything. I'm tired with my life.