The Man Who Keep Me in the Dark

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the Man who keep me in the Dark

It hurt when the Man you love keep you away from the light.

Where other people can see us both, holding hand and do what a normal couples do.

I love you and you say the same too...

... But why? Why you keep me hiding from all the people around you?

It hurt when someone you know see you while we are together and you push me away or just walk fast so they will think i am not your companion.

It hurt when you denied about me existing in your life.

It hurt when you ignore all my calls and text when you are with your friend.

...but yet you keep saying you love me

While keep letting me feel that way.

I love you so much and even if i keep trying to understand you.. it still hurt me a million times.

The thought of, you don't really love me, make me want to die from pain.

I hope someday, i will be rescue from the dark.