The old man

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When I was 9, my mom would always leave me with my auntie since she had work, my auntie would always take me out side to see the sun since I’m a little so white for a Mexican girl like me, when we were out side this old man would always be out side with his group of dogs they were adorable, he was sick sadly but I didn’t care me and my cousin’s still became his friends, unfortunately I always thought he was scared of me for some reason, I soon came to find out he was extremely sick and didn’t have enough time to say goodbye to us in person, so he ended up writing a letter to be mailed to us before his time came, he said he wasn’t scared of any of us he just felt lonely since he was old and people think old guys were mean and nasty, he said I reminded him a lot of his daughter that died from a kidnapping in front of his eyes, he said he will miss us a lot and to take care of the dogs, we couldn’t unfortunately but some guy around the corner that loves dogs took them in, I really wish we could see him agian.