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The One He Cheated On

So let me get this straight this is the place where the Side Chick and the Wife can come and read how the other feels about the man who caused their anguish. So this other woman gets to anonymously read my thoughts while I read hers, and she still doesn't understand how her being the other woman damages my hopes and dreams for a happy family, I can't blame her fully, but I can hold her accountable for her part because she knows about me and my children, but thinks I know nothing of her, but I know everything because I'm the one he chose to come clean to, even though he didn't have to I already knew, We are his family are the ones who love him without condition and you are, Someone I pity and feel sorry for. Because as much as you wish he would he's not the kind of man who would leave his family and I'm not the kind of woman who simply just gives up on the man she loves or has invested so much into. Or change how deeply and madly she loves him just because someone wanted a taste of what a great man is. If only you'd found first love yourself and then find your own man and invest the same amount of love, trust, support and forgiveness into him as I have in the one I love then maybe you wouldn't be feeling sorry for yourself alone on the side line of my relationship. Some might think that's silly some might say I'm foolish to stay and I don't care I'm a great woman and a devoted mother. And I'm HIS WIFE!