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The one sided love in which she played a good game

This is the one of that phase in my life in which i liked someone and wanted to date her, and the most funny part of this story is this when i found out that another guy who is not good in looks at all and he is ugly too and we both had a mentally fight between us that who will going to take that girl with them but the most funny part of this is that she was dating another guy and my friends use to ask me that you like her na and my answer was yes,and now she left me and i am single and trying to find someone of my type.................

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Re: The one sided love in which she played a good game

This girl having 3+ guys fighting over her and I can't get a reply backπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

One sided love is the worst, hope you get over her soon and find someone better :)


Honestly my reply is over but I'm just typing stuff to reach the 300 character limit so you can either keep reading nonsense or just move on, I think I'm done okay thanks for your time 😁

what's your type? which type of girl are looking?

what you like in girl? likes or dislikes?

because I'm also looking someone.

who makes me laugh or something interesting between us.

who makes me happy or I do same thing for him.

something different between us.

you know there's between us.

we will like each other or our company.