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The Orphan

I was born in a family that was emotionally unavailable. Since a child I have craved for the love and attention that I used to see others get but I didnt, being a fat child no one ever really noticed me. Always trying to please people to like me has been the way of life for me. I have no siblings and I lost my parents few years back.

The feeling of being alone is not good ,no one really cares about you. No one wants to marry an orphan.

I am grateful that I am alive and all that I have.All I ask for is someone who loves me unconditionally, its a mean world and being alone sucks.

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Re: The Orphan

Hii....i would like to say....You will find true love dear...You will meet a person or in fact you will be surrounded by people who love you unconditionally...I have personally observed this in Life, that if God takes away something from your life...I know, it just breaks you....But it is all part of his plan...We all have to go through this roller coaster someday....

Basically you will find true love.

God has definitely planned someone for you....who will be there for you...he will take away the pain and sorrows away from your life.

Heyy. Dont be upset. The right person will into your life and will love you unconditionally. That person will loves you not your past or aything else. Have faith in love dear. You will find your soulmate soon. I am not orphan but i can feel your pain because i lost my dad few years back and i am living in that culture when everyone not give importance to the family who does not have main man. And most impotant we feel alone always in our life lioe we are different. Please dont be upset. Have faith in love and life. Be happy always.

I can say this with guarantee that you will be happy again and that you will find true love.

God has plan for each one of us.

Trust me, just be kind with yourself and people around you.

Do not expect anything when you help anyone.....True love will find you, honey.