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The other side of the moon

I've always wanted to pursue this passion of mine but at the same time i feel like i'm not that ready.

I overthink a lot and everytime people talk about it, i get sad idk why. I've always loved this passion but i feel like i'm not doing good enough.

What if i mess up? what if it turns out wrong? what would happen if i disappoint everyone?

I'm scared of judgment especially if it's about something that i'm not really confident to do.

The problem is in me. People tell me to just stop overthinking and that's weird coz overthinking isn't just something that would go away with a lil magic like poof! and it's gone???

I just wanna live my life. I just want to stop overthinking. I just want to stop being so scared of every little things.

I just wanna live where i can show my weakness without anyone judging me.

I'm tired of getting hurt every single time.

I'm tired pretending i'm confident.

I'm so tired of living how people have told me to live. Can like someone help me? Please?

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Re: The other side of the moon

don't think about them, what matters is what you want. as long as you're happy and you know you don't hurt anyone then don't think about it. if ever you think about something negative just think how much you want to see the other side. you can do it, believe in yourself. what's important is you, how you live your life, not the way they want you to.

and uh i dont think this one would help a lot but i someone anonymous said she's gaining confidence bc she knows that no one really stays all night thinking of what she's doing and how to pull her down.


You just released the words from my mind and heart. We're in the same situation. This is just a little message for you, fellow.

Just do it because if you don't start that journey, if you don't draw a path for that, then nothing would happen. You said that you're afraid of disappointing everyone but how will you know that you can really do it if you don't try? If you fail, then be it... Because that failure is not forever, but regret is. If you fail, then don't mind them feeling the disappointments from you because it is not always late for you, there are plenty of ways to stand up again because eventually, you'll get there. Just wanted to remind you that life is really tough, everybody knows that and that's normal. Yes you can stumble many times but you can't get to your destination if you stop. You can do it! If you don't want to do it for them because your afraid of judgments, then do it for yourself. Life is too short🙂