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the other woman creeping

my boyfriend and i have a baby boy, about a year and a half in age. When i was still pregnant,he impregnated two other women at that time, but they both had miscarriages. things went back to normal a little but he had broken my trust in him. I gave birth and a few months later two more different women were pregnant with his babies. This hurt me a lot and I felt (still feel) as if my world is turning upside down. Each of these two women took my cellphone number from the boyfriend's phone and both of them were sending me insulting messages stating that I must leave baby daddy and move on with my life. This was where I lost all hope in our relationship, but I stayed even though I was unhappy. Six months back, a fifth woman was three months pregnant. When I told him that we must just go our separate ways, he would say I am his future wife and he doesn't see himself loving another woman the way he loves me, mind you, I have been loyal to him since day one. Last month (AUGUST 2020), this woman gave birth. He asked me to accept their relationship, the baby and the woman in our lives for the sake of peace and this is something I really can't bring myself to do and his request brought back old wounds to life.