The prison of “success”

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Ten years ago, we got married and had a huge wedding. 8years ago my son was born. 7 years ago I started my own business. Today, I have plenty of money, the house, the cars, everything. But working 60-80hrs a week for 7 years took a toll. I’ve lost all my friends, my marriage is basically over and my kids don’t even look at me when I get home. I literally have no one to talk to. No one. My employees don’t give a shit about me. Clients are never happy. Everyone just thinks I have it so good. So, now I sit at work just day dreaming of ways to run away from it all. I would give ANYTHING to rewind the last ten years. It’s like living in a prison that I built for myself. I hate waking up, I hate going to work, I hate coming home.