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The problem with Taboo

I do not and never have engaged in child abuse, but there's no way I can raise this argument anywhere else. With that said, I recently came to a horrifying conclusion: we have no honest idea what sexual contact with children does to their mental health, for three reasons, if you're willing to hear me out.

1. The cases of child abuse we're aware of, from which we draw our conclusions, are coupled with emotional, physical, or mental abuse, as well as abandonment of the child by the perpetrator, so the sample is biased.

2. Let's say, hypothetically, that a person grew into adulthood with no ill-effects from their sexual encounter as a child, perhaps even fondness or love for the perpetrator. The person would be motivated by the incredible power of the pedophillic taboo to never divulge their perpetrator's identity. In short, if there is such a thing as a positive sexual relationship with an adult during childhood, the law and taboo would ensure that we never, ever hear about it.

3. Anyone who has spent significant time around children knows that a substantial minority spontaneously initiate semi-sexual contact. While it's accurate to say that a child does not logically understand the consequence of sexual activity (and is therefore unable to give consent), it's unclear whether this initiating behaviour is learnt or instinctual. If it's learnt, then it's the perpetuation of a cycle. If its instinctual, then cognitive consent is no longer the main issue, as it's being driven by deeper, evolutionary processes, possibly for the development of a certain personality structure.

So, that's my argument. Please tell me why I'm wrong, cause I'd really love to know.