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The real me

 When people see me, they see a girl who is shy, down to earth, and simple. Someone who is very innocent and doesn't know much. Some think I am dumb. Like I don't know how to speak.

Me, well I am someone they never imagined I would be. First of all, I am not dumb. I know a lot of stuff, I am not as nice as they think. I am not simple. I have done a lot of bad stuff. Also, some think I dont care about others. When we see a movie, they cry and say I am feeling less bcz I dont cry. Whereas I try to secretly wipe away the tears that are running down my face. Sometimes I see a starving dog on the road and my heart aches for it, but I don't show it. Sometimes I see a beggar n I run away n secretly cry for them, but noone knows. I hide my emotions bcz I don't want to appear weak or vulnerable. Sometimes people make rude comments about how I don't have emotions, that I live only for myself. If only they knew. Also, I have no real friends. I m so terribly shy. Whenever I feel like I might finally have a real friend, they see someone who is more funny, more bold and leave me like that. Broken. Like I am a toy to play with n then throw away. People steal my friends, my friends don't care about me and happily go away with them, n when those people don't need them anymore, they leave them and my friends come back to me. And I hate them for that. I do big things for my friends, n when they care to do even something little for me, it shocks me, bcz noone really treats me like I m important.