The reasons I hang around here and love those people so much

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It's not their pretty asses, or because they are woman, or anything related with relationship. Despite everything we went through, they are still there.

And I'm not someone else when I am with them, I can't choose and let them go. Cause here it's the only place I can be myself, and they know every dark secret I have.

Outside of here? I'm just a famous guy. When man want to hear stories about all the adventures thinking I'm not killable. And woman want to hook up, cause I look like this strong famous guy, that will bring them outside of their routine life. Seeing me as a way to escape.

So why I love those woman here so much? Cause in weird ways, It feel like home. A place I can be myself and I'm accepted this way.

In some way, I prefer the friendships provided here and would keep it at all cost. Instead of risking it over a relationship.

Relationship come and goes... Friendships stay.