the rebound guy lmao

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starting to feel like maybe i should have been born a girl (tho maybe not because if i were id be dead rn due to my uncle being a pedo who made me suck his cock and probably would have done worse had i been a girl) but like other than that like im heavily submissive for one i already look feminine lol and honestly finding love would be so much easier lmao tho tbh id prolly be lesbian if i were a girl idk i make jokes about being gay and honestly i have nothing against gay guys but personally the male body disgusts me the idea of me doing something sexual with another male makes me want to vomit (emphasis on me idc if others do it) and honestly that probably stems from my uncle but its fine point is tho i feel like if i were a girl id be left on read a lot less and sought after more rather than basically bo one liking me and the few that do like me ghost me (and im not one of those assholes who like texts back bitch for them ghosting me because thats dumb but i mean it still sucks but its fiiiiiiiine) then on top of that the girls that do date me usually break up with me or fuck me over hard with in 3 months like seriously not a single one of my relationships has lasted longer than 3 months maybe my ex was right and the reason why all my relationships fail is because im just the perfect medicine the "perfect rebound" someone to date for a sec while they recover from their past love then to throw out when they're done but idk if thats true then ig its fine ill learn to live with it because i mean atleast im being helpful somewhat so ig thats chill but other than that its like welp guess ill die lmao but idk its just something thats been on my mind but ye ig i just need to accept it