The regret...

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Can we just slap a f*king sign on my life that mark - hazardous - with a small imprint saying "not to worry, she is meant to be hurt and treated like shit..."

Age (4-5)- sexually abused by relative

Age (6-11)- bullied in school, finally confided in a teacher about being abused only to be bullied about it a few months after by students about it

Age (6-18)- moved in by my aunt with her family to be treated like the scum of the earth, the only time they treated me nicely was after getting money at the end of the month for having me there

Age (15)- got a UTI, had zero idea what it was but bcz my undies had a stranged discharge n my aunt saw I was cursed n chased out of her house

Age (16)- everyone in the house practically wished I was dead cause I did better than my aunt child in my final year exam

Age (19)- got put out bcz I said I'm tired of her daughter treating me badly

Age (20)- was told by my parents I need to repay them all the money they ever gave my for taking care of me

Age (21)- working a shit ton of shifts, still giving my parents my money

Age ( 22)- tried to open up to my mom about everything for her to shut me tf down

Age (23)- hearing how much of a regret I am n how I don't ever have money even tho majority of my salary still goes to them ( my parents) n being told they don't want anything to do with me...

Somewhere down the line I hit my breaking point n I keep trying to convinced myself better is ahead, but I think it's fair to conclude that was a lie....

-Something Damaged 🤦🏽‍♀️

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