The right to die

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Hi, I just need a safe space to vent really. I've often thought about the right to die. I think it's crazy that we all have a right to live. Basic human rights protect our lives but it does nothing to protect our right to die. It's my life, why should it matter to anyone else what I chose to do with it. With my life, I can change my name, change my body, infect my mind with legal drugs and poisons, I can pay to remove pieces of my body and put plastic underneath my skin, but the moment I chose to end, is the moment my life is no longer my own. Suddenly, then, others take interest. Suddenly it is important to keep me alive. For who's sake? This I ponder so often! It must be for their own, why keep me alive? It doesn't benefit you? Or maybe it does? If I must live, continue through endless meaningless life, then maybe you can too.

There's this continuous, endless frustration. If only there was more companion in the world for those that suffer maybe then the world would be a better place. I have seen such terrible suffering in others and it never struck me as anything but cruel to keep poor souls in torment. Yet here we are, in desperate times, spiralling out of control, and yet the world refuses to see any benefit from letting the right to die become real. Fighting for such a cause never works, they call you crazy. Which is funny because to me they are the crazy ones, living such fruitless, contradiction of a life. Do no harm unless you might take their pain away. Such a fallacy. Does anyone else ever feel the same? Am I alone in my beliefs? I hope not, I hope that one day even if I have to live a very long long life I will have achieved success for some other unfortunate soul who gets the peace I would so long for.