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The secret life of myself

Life is crushing me. I cant handle it. I have no plans, no hopes. No spots in the bucket list to complete, and the problems keep jumping in from all my windows. Im afraid of the city, afraid of the day. Im sleeping all day and staying awake at night. Im scared of my head, the things I think, the planes I made. Im really sad for failing so hard even when I've could do anything. But I feel there is nothing for me. Sorry if I ruin your moment.

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Re: The secret life of myself

  • You're loved 💘
  • everybody has a soulmate
  • you are strong !
  • I believe in you
  • you got this!
  • i love you

Sometimes life can be rough but in some years you might feel better and live the life you always wanted. Just make some money so when youre older you can sit on your balcony and watch the sunset!