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The State of My Education

Dear M/s UGC, I am a student of English Literature pursuing an UG course from BHU and as per my statement to the Education Times, I told them that during my 1st semester exams and my 2nd semester exams I was offered 7 papers each and during my 3rd semester exams I was offered 8 papers, currently our 4th semester exams got cancelled due to a notice regarding precautionary steps during COVID-19 as a preventive measure as we are currently in our intermediate semester and the exam is for the terminal semester students, now during my 5th semester what should I concentrate on to pursue my future goal which is filmmaking and animation?

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Re: The State of My Education

If you are not willing to get yourself into a course of film-making or videography then i will suggest you to opt for building a connection with advertisement / amateur film agency. One way you can get into it is as a script writer or a freelancer who is willing to work for a project for free. I believe you already have some knowledge on film-making or how the industry work. You should find yourself a professional who lives/work nearby. You can simply do that by getting yourself into a facebook group or by just searching on google. As long as you are able to get yourself connected with someone who is actively on the relative field, you should be able to pursue your dream.

And if you are willing to go hardcore, then i will suggest you get yourself signed up in a film-making course. There is an online course available at Fulltimefilmmaker.com

A friend of mine did a course there and is doing pretty well. So do give it a look.

hey, i am pursuing engineering, but i also really want to study english literature, and as IIT Varanasi, which is also somewhat the same as BHU, is there any option that i can also study english literature along with computer science engg.??

(i have studied english, maths, chem, phy and physical ed. in 12th)