The Story of a Marriage

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So my uncle and aunt married when my aunt was 18. Uncle is the blood relative. Aunt's father thought if his daughter dated my uncle then he would be the man's meal ticket (man being aunt's father). Aunt's father knew my grandfather from work and knew my grandfather was incredibly wealthy. Aunt's father was all about making a deal. Yes, my uncle would be his meal ticket alright. They married. Aunt's father hooked his daughter up with my uncle when she was as young as 15 and uncle was about 21. That is immoral. This was a long time ago, 1980's, but it was still immoral. So uncle and aunt tied the knot. Yes it was the wedding of the century, in fact Grandma burst out crying when uncle's old girlfriend from high school walked in. Grandma was thinking "why didn't he keep going out with you". Now no one had anything against aunt as a person at all. However, they saw she was clearly being sold so her father could be a part of a grand estate. Her father we knew well, he is deceased now, and he was a good guy, a real good guy, except he was so slick and always looking for a deal even if it meant doing something immoral (like practically selling off his daughter in marriage).

So once they were married they had a baby, a son. Then a few months later word went out "Uncle and aunt have decided to divorce but their son will still be your cousin". Then a few weeks later they got back together. Guess what, aunt got pregnant (save the marriage baby). Yes their daughter was now born but she failed to save the marriage because once again they were separating after a huge raging fight my uncle caused. So now it looked like they were getting a divorce but then guess what, THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER. Soon after "Aunt is Pregnant". Yes she was pregnant again, this time with twins. Miracle twins, the marriage would be all better. Well one year after the twin girls were born uncle knocked a thing of coke down on aunt in a fight and she said "Get Out" and they were getting a divorce. My mother told her "if you need to leave my brother I understand, you shouldn't be treated this way. I love him but you don't deserve this". So they were on their way to divorce when guess what, they decided to reconcile. They had their four kids and miracle of all miracles, aunt is pregnant again, it is a girl, kid 5. Then for 7 years they fought and fought and fought but never separated. We all agreed that I guess they are together this way and must like it. Then aunt went on a trip with her oldest daughter and their grandmother (aunt's mother) and when she got back uncle had the kids at the beach. Well when he returned aunt and their oldest had changed all the locks and had the grandparents meet them at the house. Grandparents lured the kids away and uncle went to the door and saw the note "I want a divorce". This time it looked like the real deal. Uncle and Aunt are finally getting a divorce. "I feel really bad for both of them but they have to end it now" is what my Mom said. Well for about 6 months it was off to divorce court until the Christmas Miracle. Thanksgiving Weekend we got word uncle and aunt are getting back together. "He has really learned this time" aunt said. Well they got back together and actually got pretty close to us for a while. Then they got more and more and more drunk. Yes they were now alcoholics.

Well auntie got pissy with her in-laws about something I never exactly figured out. They helped her son, per their request, and then auntie got mad. It was my blood aunt (uncle's sister) who helped so I have no idea the details. Cousin was suicidal and needed a safe place to stay. Well now uncle's wife would not talk to most the family for 5 years. Yes she was always one who loved grudges, aside from forgiving her husband all these times, but this was an all time record for long-term grudge. Uncle and Aunt came totally drunk at Christmas and this son, the suicidal one, left early with a cousin. The girls had no choice but to stay. Another time auntie got so drunk I had to help walk her out of a restaurant. In the course of all this Uncle and aunt decided to get divorced. Then about 3 months later they were back together. Shocker.

So eventually after our grandparents had died and we weren't seeing them very often word got out that their drinking had really gotten bad. Auntie is the one I had always seen drunk but she was claiming "my husband is an alcoholic and needs an intervention". So after an unsuccessful intervention auntie asked for a divorce. Well then said she was undecided when uncle went to rehab. Then THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER. Yes it was as miraculous as the raising of Lazarus. They were back together for 1 whole year, a record short time. Then I got shocking news in the summer of 2018 "They are separating" I was stunned (sarcasm). The real shocker was what was to come. In 2019, to the shock of the world, Uncle and Aunt officially divorced. Yes the marriage was finally over. If only my grandparents had lived long enough to see this day. Auntie's father is still alive but senile with dementia, he would be so sad to lose this business investment of their marriage. Sadder then when his wife died 4 years ago.

Uncle and aunt by the power invested in the state of South Carolina are officially divorced. Their daughters want nothing to do with us as they back their Mom. Luckily their son is mature and sees being an adult means being nice to both sides. If only they had more then 1 son. Auntie, who loves her grudges, has not spoken a word to us since the divorce was finalized in 2018 and turned on the aunt who tries to reach out to her because that aunt entertained my uncle and his new girlfriend. Maybe aunt was still hoping for a 2nd marriage. Uncle's new girlfriend is a fat chain-smoker. Maybe when she dies uncle and auntie will reconcile for an 8th time. STAY TUNES



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