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2nd grade I kiss a girl and omg did I like it but I also really like guys like alot(I'm a girl by the way:)anyway my parents are jw(aka Jehovah's witness)and I hate it because the pressure of being a baptized teen is crying wel only with my mom she compares me with the other people and I hate it but the one thing I hate most is the religion I lost my love that I know I had for the perso called God and I lost it and I lost myself in the process now I'm scared to love and scared to love a girl too ...to ha e to one chance to see if it's really what I want to be BI or not but I'm scared and I cannot come out because I would get kicked out to be honest my mom and step dad do not like Gay's their words it's disgusting I know that that's not true so why I'm I so scared??

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