The Tragedy of Coronavirus is That it NEVER EXISTED

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Covid-19 did not exist. The government and media used it to try and control our lives and take over humanity. This virus is not real. There is a common cold and there is a flu so when someone gets one of those they diagnose it as Covid-19. I knew someone who died of a stroke in February. The death certificate says "Complications from Covid-19". The doctors claimed Covid-19 caused his stroke. Guess what, when he was sick from what was likely a first stroke it was treated as this imaginary disease. So of course he died, he was not being treated for what he had but instead an imaginary disease. I will never trust doctors again until the truth comes out. Why is it that most supposed Covid-19 deaths were the elderly, it was because of the fact that elderly people get sick and die every year so they can trick people to thinking it is Covid-19.

Donald Trump was in on this scheme. He thought it would help him get re-elected to have a crisis. We can trust no one in the government. They did this to take our weapons under Barack Hussein Obama when they staged the Sandy Hook Shooting in 2012. I live in Connecticut and I can guarantee you that Sandy Hook Elementary School is not on any map. Why is that? It is because the school never existed.

We have to reveal the truth. Today I was informed HIV-AIDS, while real, was made to eliminate the homeless population. I will have to investigate that myself to confirm but I would not be surprised.

So again the tragedy of Coronavirus is that it NEVER EXISTED. There is no such thing in the real world as Covid-19 !!

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