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The untold story

I want to say this to anyone for get free from my consciousness. I think the best place is this is cause any one would know who am i. That would be a great pleasure to me.

When i was in university there is a beaultiful girl in our batch. She was very friendly with me. I was her closest friend. We have done the same degree course and we were together. By passi g the time i had feelings for her and i hope she also have. But i also have a girlfriend and she also have a boy friend too. When we have chating on phone she ask to come to her place.

I asked to do what?

She replied her computer is broken and help her to fix it.

I ask from her who is with her?

She replied there is no one.

I said i'm busy.

She asked pleased can you come..

I call her boyfriend and tell him how to fix the computer..

Such a idiot i am..

After that time i have thinked about her and that moment i realized what is the meaning of that request.

Again such a idiot i am...

Without this vigyaa there is no chance to tell this story to anyone..

Thanks vigyaa again

G j.