The Way The World is Makes Me Want to Die

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I am 22 years old and a lot of things have brought me to the thoughts of suicide, but not as much as COVID has. And before the health warriors come in and attack me remember that this is a place for personal expression without fear of judgement. Our pathetic country doesn't know what they are doing and they do not know the proper ways to fight a virus. Keeping us locked up in our houses like we're lab rats. What does that do to the mental health of people like myself? Well, it drags you down the dark tunnel of depression towards the put of suicidal ideation. And the government is profiting off of all of this. Here in Canada some people received CERB pay because they simply couldn't work because of the pandemic, but now those people have to pay all of that money back. They cannot afford that. People are struggling and the government is making their money off of it. Small businesses are crashing and the government just happens to swoop in and offer to "help" for the low, low cost of owning part of your company and profits. That's ridiculous. So many suicide deaths have happened because people cannot see their mental health workers and the bodies of those poor, lost souls are being labelled as COVID deaths so that they can hike up the numbers and scare people into submission. I am angry, upset, annoyed, hurt, and most of all very, very depressed. It takes everything in me NOT to just up and kill myself. And what about the vaccine? Now all of a sudden there isn't enough for everyone? But, oh, the government gets them! Of course they do while the rest of us SUFFER. I just want this to be over soon or else you might just see me labelled as a COVID death somewhere in a morgue. I know I am not the only one who feels this way.