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The World

Think of a memory you have. It can be a good one or a terrible one.

I am so fascinated that everyone's lives are just as complex as mine and people have insane memories. I can't even comprehend it-

and think of your future soulmate. you might not know them right now and they are making memories that you will get to hear about when you meet them. That is so insane to me.

Like one of my memories is when I got my first period on vacation and my mother was in a completely different country. Imagine how many other people have that memory- like wow.

And my first kiss was in the woods with a boy i had gone to school with for almost 9 years. I was 14.

And the memories of when I tried to commit suicide- so many other people have those memories.

sorry if i sound stupid i am just in awe at the world right now.

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Re: The World

Thanks for sharing this ... Its really true. Its crazy to think that your soulmate is doing his/her thing right know, not knowing you'll end up with each other.

I hope everything is ok with you now .... Little shocked to hear that you tried to take your own life, but happy you're still here. I think we would be very good friends, you're saying things I also think about.