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The worse

I was chosen to be the worse . My appearance , im skinny asf and my face is ugly . I have no talent, i don’t do good in school. My personality can be annoying or too bitchy. I hate myself so much. I hate my lifestyle so much. I been house hopping since i was 4. My dad used to abuse my mom. I’m currently living with my auntie sleeping with my mom , i hate it there so much. There’s rats, the shower isn’t even fixed. I don’t even got my personal privacy. My auntie is so envious and always bringing someone down. I hate my life so much. I just can’t see myself having a future . I have a feeling imma experience death before i even hit the age of 21 i’m so embarrassed of my appearance and my lifestyle sometimes i wish i could just be stable and suitable for once living normally

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Re: The worse

look your looks legit dont matter everyone ends up looking like an old bag of wrinkles eventually anyway so dont judge yourself too hard on your looks

and so what you dont have talent you can become amazing at anything that you put enough practice into just find something you want to do and commit to it and make a name for yourself it will be hard but i believe in you just dont give up and ik you will eventually get to a point where you can look at your surroundings and feel at peace

Use your looks to your advantage. Think you're too skinny? Think you're ugly? Try modelling. Your "flaws" make you unique to the world. Make money to support yourself and get out of this situation. No one can help you in this world except for yourself. Be the best you, you can be. There is literally nothing else you can do besides trying your best.