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My therapist has hurt me. Not psychical hurt, but emotional hurt. She has never really helped me but I kept going back to her. I thought that maybe one day she will help me, but she never did. She got mad at me easily and would be laugh at me. She tried to isolate me from the people I trust the most and she managed to turn them against me. I'm alone.

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I’m sorry your experience was like this. I lived with a therapist for about two-three years. She offered to watch me while my parents were away and it started out ok, I never saw her as a patient anyway. But now, two years later, I’ve come to the conclusion that people become therapists because they love to hear about other people’s misery. Their own childhood and early life must’ve sucked so badly they wanted to see if other people had it as bad as they did. She ended up being one of my guardians- I’d hate to say parent. She tried to act like a parent- wanting to reprimand and correct me- but would then completely disassociate from me when I asked her about my problems. Claiming they were my problems, not hers. She would minimize situations and my feelings I told her about. Some of the worst emotional damage done to me was by a therapist I never even sat down for a session with. And to think, these people are supposed to help make our lives better. It’s never supposed to be about them.

That being said, I did see some other therapists that were completely helpful and nice. In those sessions I mainly talked about the one I lived with. Pretty ironic.