There is a difference between vegans nd vegetarian

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So I am vegetarian, I don't eat eggs or any kind of meat. But if someone eats non veg food, I don't tell them anything or "advise" them that they should not do it or whatever. But I guess nowadays people always assume that is vegetarians r "prudes". Wth? Do I was ordering something in a nearby shop, and I told the waiter that I wanted a veg burger. So apparently this girl from the nest table came over to me, and started spewing bullshit "u grass eating idiots r so pathetic. Why can't u just eat normally like this rest of us. And u know what, plants also have a life, then don't eat them too". Now I didn't even know her and she satrts blabbering and swearing at me. Wtf do I do. I said I never told u what to eat, why r u telling me. And I don't even know u, so just mind if own business. Then the person taking the order interrupted and sent her back. Now she probably was a teenager, looked around 18 or 19. But I don't understand this, dude it's my life, I'll eat what I want to. U didn't tell u what to eat then why r u telling me?