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There will be no escape

I want to die now before my life gets worse. As in, homelessness, huge debt, and/or jail. So many sins have piled up, and now they are ready to be exposed. It’s like it was just a matter of time. Bad habits and bad decisions. Coronavirus is just icing on the cake - in fact, dying of coronavirus would be a relief. I’ve been too greedy and selfish. Once the facts are out, you will KNOW why I want to die ASAP. But will I do it? Anytime soon the shit will hit the fan, and I will wish I was already gone. It feels melodramatic, but I have deluded myself many times before. For some reason, I was still feeling good 6 months ago, but I was already too far gone. I admire the poor and homeless for being as honest as they are. I think I’ll just end up in prison anyway. Hell is coming for me, so I’d love to end my life very very soon. Details WILL come on the web if not the news. No I’m not Dahlmer nor Bundy, but unfortunately could still be famous enough.