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These feelings

Have eluded me for 28 years. For the first time today I envisioned a world that could possibly not have me in it. I have thought about living for so selfishly long that when I Realized my world is shrinking I was left with heartache. I’m watching these people I love and cared about drift away. Either because they have passed or best friends become strangers. My mom was suppose to live forever. And I was so certain of it.

I feel., for the first time, in this faucet of my life, terrified.

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Re: These feelings

My friend, the only truth about this world, about our existence is that it's not permanent. We all are going to die, today or tomorrow but surely one day. I wonder how we human forget this one ultimate truth of life and live like we are going to live forever. It's good for our own self that we free ourselves from the clutches of this illusion, and live our life like there's no tomorrow. And till the time we are alive, do not forget to shower love and show compassion to everybody without expecting anything in return.

Only this can bring us peace.