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They ruined me.

My ex friend is trying to make me take my life. I was 17 at the time, they were too. I think about it everyday. Im 19 now, and they only started to do this recently. We were best friends at one point, i tried to do everything they wanted to make them happy...now they're using it against me, telling others i took advantage of them when i only did the stuff we did because they told me it would help them. Then when i was too scared to lose them, they started requesting more favors i was uncomfortable with and threathen to leave if i didn't do them..telling me that i was bad for not saying yes or hesitating. They i didn't wanna help them in their time of need. They started sending me stuff without my cosent, and when i ignored them, they threatened to take their life. It got really bad. When i broke it off, they bullied me infront of other of our friends, telling me i was disgusting for ever getting raped..and now everyone avoids me. They told them i sext them. I never did. I want to die so bad. I feel like no one will believe me. I just wanted friends, i wanted someone to be there after i got out of a toxic relationship. They used me and now they wanna get rid of me. I can't tell my parents. I cant tell anyone. Im scared they might side with them. Please...i just want this to stop.