They were wrong...

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All along every one I know has said, “you’ll be fine” “life will get better” “there’s someone out there for you” “moving on is hard but it’s worth it, you’ll see” it’s been 2yrs and what I can’t shake that he was right. All of the cruel and abusive things he ever said were true. “You're used up”, “a fat chick with 3 kids... who’s gonna want you” “you’re worthless” “the only thing you’re good for is sucking dick and cleaning up” “you’re a maid, and a whore...that’s all you’re good for” “you think I’m mean because I tell you the fucking truth, you’d die alone if I didn’t let you suck my dick and take care of my kids” “it’s embarrassing having you be the mother of my children, wow did I fuck up when I fucked you”

all I ever did was love him and be kind to him. He’s happy now and she’s beautiful... and I’m still broken. I was beautiful and shiny like a new penny when I met him. Full of life and love and hope... that’s all gone now. I’m so tired.