they/them or she/they

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I started to realized I might use she/they pronouns and I don't know how to deal with that or unpack it. I've always kinda hated myself for how I looked and the whole she/they thing made me feel more like I didn't belong in my body. It doesn't feel like me. I feel like a girl but they/them pronouns make me feel so comfy and happy, but I also don't mind she/her. I don't know if I'm female or not. I feel so disconnected from both male and female pronouns but I also don't feel like enby. The more I write this the more I realize she doesn't feel right. I really don't know anymore. I have a she/they s/o and they call me their girlfriend and that makes me so happy but sometimes I don't wanna be labeled as anything and sorta just wanna be known as theirs if that makes any sense. I've tried neopronouns and they just don't feel right. They/them sorta feels right? but I'm scared. She/they seems safe. I'm probably gonna go with she/they pronouns but I don't know. She feels familiar and all but they feels exciting and new. I know that's a weird way to phrase it but I don't know how else to. I can't place where I fall anymore. I've seen so many others come to how they identify so easily and I just wish I could. If you read this I appreciate you <3 and I hope you have a wonderful day/afternoon/night!!