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Okay, first things first, I identify as asexual. I have never felt any kind of sexual attraction to anyone, and I really don't want to have sex with anyone. Just the idea of someone else's "bits" is somewhat repulsing. Doesn't matter gender or what they look like or if I like them as a person or not. I don't know why or how, I just think the idea of sex with another person is not fun.

Despite this, my body seems to have other ideas. How do I put this?? I can get horny? Idk, I just know that everything functions properly and all that, but I just don't wanna get horny with someone else. However, thighs. Just thighs.

I can't get them outta my head, not anyone's thighs in particular, but just thighs in general. They're so cute and soft and like squishy and yummy. They're soft and supple and I just wanna hold them and touch them and kiss them; put my lips on them and suck until it leaves bruises. I wanna drag my teeth across the warm, plush skin and barely dig in, just enough to leave little marks. I wanna just get someone's thighs and let them know how much they're appreciated. I wanna run my tongue across them, tracing my way up their leg. I wanna feel them shiver as I hit a sweet spot and dig in, taking what I want. I just wanna get wrapped up in them, surrounded by thick, warm, supple thighs. Cute lil thighs. They drive me crazy. I wanna be breathless as I drive someone else crazy with just how much attention I'm giving their thighs. Want them to shiver as my breath ghosts over that same precious sweet spot, now tender and bruised.

Anyway yea... thighs....