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Think I'm leaving

I have posted a few things here but I think I'll leave. It is too easy to post sexual content and although it feels good to me, I feel it is a bad influence on those reading them. I didn't realize either, that the terms and conditions tell us not to. It is really cathartic being able to share, but I'll just have to keep it to myself from here on out. You folks take care and do what you need to. I've enjoyed it. Stay safe!

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Re: Think I'm leaving

I'm genuinely sorry to see you go.

What kind of content were you posting here? Were you posting a lot?

I tend to log on to this page in order to post helpful replies to people who are considering suicide or are reporting problems in their lives. I haven't posted any original posts myself.

I'm just wondering now if I may have given you some advice on one of your posts, and whether you found that advice helpful or not.

Anyhow, I hope you've stayed long enough to receive this reply to your post, and I wish you all the very best in whereever life takes you.

In response to the person who said they were genuinely sorry to see me go...

I have only posted a handful of things, mostly about my own past experiences that I could not share anywhere that was not anonymous, since they involved sexuality or sensual feelings. It is therapeutic and frankly to see if anyone else had similar feelings or experiences. There might be an element of exhibitionism, only using words.

There haven't been responses, so you have not offered advice. I'm glad that you are doing that, as I see there are a number of troubled folks on here. I did offer advice to one person.

Thank you for your response! I might occasionally drop in here to see if I can offer advice to others.