Think m in love with a friend

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In love, crush, like, it doesn't matter. I've known this person since the 3rd grade n we're in highschool together now. Knew I liked em first two years of middle school, then I got into an abusive relationship n reluctantly convinced myself those feelings were gone. Even after leaving that bitch, I hadn't talked to the friend in question for a while, n I didn't think about them much. Now I've transferred to their highschool. Things are just like how they used to be before my toxic ex gf. They hug on me, talk to me, understand me and listen (which no one's really done for me in years), they're funny. They have the same sweet, calming smell I remember them always having before we kinna fell off. And then I realized how jealous, or envious ig, I feel seeing them do the same with their recent boyfriend. I think I might still be in love with them. Really wish I wasn't. They're in a relationship, they seem happy. Wish my feelings would cooperate for once.