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Thinking of becoming a prostitute as a minor

Im 15 and female with very rough circumstances.Moms an alcoholic who barely manages to afford rent and food while my older sis is working multiple jobs and a 2 year toddler.Theyre not citizens and only one managed to graduate hs.I hate being useless (money wise)and want to earn quick money.I could easily get another job that pays under the table but i know i wont earn as much as being a prostitute would.I have other responsibilities i.e babysitting , school ,sports and more work during the day.My question is any advice on becoming a prostitute?I understand the severity of it and the degradation that comes with the gig but i frankly dont care.Unless you've been an a situation like mine and can offer helpful advice,please do not feel pressured in writing an opinion.

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As a former sex worker, this is a really bad idea. If you really want to be a prostitute wait until you turn 21, and go to Vegas where its legal, safe, and you get a secure income and free testing for stds.

Until then, try to stay out of trouble. I know a-lot of places aren't hiring but you could mow peoples lawns or set up a go fund me or even get state and local help.

at a certain point you need to know when help is needed, and when you need to remove yourself from a toxic environment.

No... You will get into so much legal shit for it. not to mention even more shit you will get for allowing your clients to be pedophiles agenst you. No pimp would take you on and even if he does, it would be so much more dangerous for you because that would make your pimp a pedophile.

There are social services to out there to help young people in similar situations designed to help you. You can apply for wellfare money, Or get counseling help for your parents, Or both.

You should try to get a friend's parents to help you out.