Thinking that the only way to get control is to have my balls removed

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I know it sounds bad but I know that I'm a sexaholic and nothing I try works. I read an article About a clinic in Mexico run by women who were sexually abused in their past where they do this R.E.P thing that stands for radical emasculatation procedure. First they work on a guys mind to figure out what thoughts trigger him. Then they use shock treatment to certain areas along with pictures to retrain the brain. Then comes the R.E.P which is the removal of the entire genitaila and prostrate. Insurance won't cover out of country procedures but the cost can be reduced if you're willing to have the organs donated to the nearby University. I could do that. Just a matter now of dealing with the Covid rules for crossing into Mexico. The procedure is guaranteed to work. I'm wondering if anyone here has heard of it or what you think about it?

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