"Thinning the herd"

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My belief as of now: Reptiles evolved into humanoids before mammals. The serpent in the garden raised human mammal hybrids. Reptilians and other ET races domesticated humans. Reptilians walk among us as teachers, entertainers and hunters. They use the human body as an avatar. They guise themselves so that dumb people don’t see them. They hate people with a martyr complex, they hate the sentimental and loving people of earth, they employ mafia type tactics, you could say the American mafia was inspired by them. The more fear and doubt in you the easier it is to fall victim to one. They are a violent race, often associated with demons and when they latch onto a person spiritually they can change the chemistry of their brain over time until the person is no longer who they once were. They are one of two waring factions here that I know of

Reptilians: capitalism, medicine, science, greed, passion, aggression, sociopathy, logic

Pleiadeans: Fascism/purging, aryan, eugenics, ego, high strung, catholic church, hypocrisy, conformity, selective empathy, perfectionist

Pope Pius XII helped Hitler destroy German Catholic political opposition.