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this boy.

this isn’t a bad rant; moreover, this is a happy rant.

i’ve been treated bad my entire life. i’ve always been one with bad luck. from rape to abuse, but i did nothing except treat them how i wished to be treated. i’m finally getting my moment to shine with this boy i met a little while back.

we’ve been texting daily, 24/7, for two months now. i’m 15 & he’s 17. he goes to the school i’m moving to. i’ve ranted to him about so much, as well as he has with me. i’ve caught major feelings, but he hasn’t told me how he feels. from how i describe him, all of my friends are convinced he likes me back. we have plans to get food & go to the movies here soon when thing open back up, so i’m really hoping he’ll confess his feelings.

i’ve never liked a boy as much as i adore him. he’s adorable & he already treats me so well. i’m always his first & last message of everyday. he trusts me with everything. all i want is him & i hope, more than anything, that he feels the same.

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Re: this boy.

Awwwwwwwwwwww That's aamazing I'm so happy for you! And I love positive rants, sometimes they are as difficult to share as negative ones because people will think you are bragging. But I love, it so brag away!

And of course, young one, always respect yourself and make sure you put your needs and safety as a high priority, but that being said, I'm happy for you guys <3