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This "Cancel" Culture

The nerve of some of these mfs always disecting everything famous people do. I see Jennifer Lopez was a victim of miserable trolls because she posted a Pic on a jet. She was called insensitive, inaporopriate, and degraded for going to see her family for the holidays. She was literally downed because people are struggling and she was on a Jet. If I was famous I wouldnt post shit because really her fucking business is HERS. Im thinking the nerve of these MFS. Im thinking maybe thats why youre broke.....successful people tend to their own fucking business. They know better because you MFS are for real jealous and you love bad news. Kevin Harts latest comedy show they were mad because he said his daughter had hoe tendencies. You people hate true unfiltered honesty. But then if she were exposed on Insta or paparazzi gets a pic of something inappropriate these will be the same people to troll his family . Moral of the story being famous sucks I wouldnt want it and if I ever was I would be boring because I wouldnt allow people in my business. People are jealous mental defectives. Theyll get in a comment section and talk shit on a millionaire and then snort cocaine with a 1.00 bill. True story.