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This girl worrying her future

Hi, I just wanna tell my story here because I don't think my friend understood me. So eeemm, I think I messed up my future not literally messed up but likely messed up aahh idk. So eeemm, I got a good grades in high school and ever since I'm little, I had this dream to be a doctor or a pharmacist because I like this medical stuff. I like all about medical, I like the medicine, the pills, going to hospital(not as a patient lol, but I like the hospital condition). so yeah, I want to be someone who work in a medical field. But, lifewise we can't always get what we want. After high school, in my country we'll fill in some form in a website to apply university, and yeah I didn't get what I want. I can't enter medical field and now I'm in year two taking chemistry education. But what makes me sad was when I saw my friend studying in medic, my heart just like crash. I was sad. Literally sad, it's just like haihh idk. So, guys pray for me so that I can be a good teacher. I hope this path chosen for me is actually the best for me :')